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The art of security and style in one innovative product offers you the perfect way to enjoy both time at home and life away from home. Safety should always come first but surely it can be stylish too?  Taylor’s ShutterGuard® Aluminium Security Shutters are a savvy, sophisticated and secure solution for windows or doors – offering high-end security without compromising the aesthetics of your home, commercial or retail space.

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Introducing the all NEW sleek ShutterStyle Shutters. A first of a kind on the market, the ShutterStyle Shutter offers innovation that’s both affordable and tailored for the style conscious. Beautifully designed, these lightweight shutter alternatives offer enhanced sleek lines and aesthetic touches. The superior design includes a seamless tilt mechanism to block out hinges and unwanted light when shut and stylishly slim louvers for more of your view and natural light when open.

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Timber Wood Shutters

Beautifully finished and manufactured in South Africa from hand selected solid timber, our Timber Wood Range of shutters is 100% custom made. For those whose sense of style often outweighs their budget, these shutters offer a stylish, yet affordable solution. They are available in all the configurations you have come to expect from Taylor; bi-fold, bypass, slider, cottage style and cottage arch. But our timber range also offers you further design flexibility by adding a variety of shapes like circular, triangle, half circles - in fact, practically any shape you can think of.


Hurricane Shutters

With Hurricane Shutters you can weather the storms and bask in sunlight on the lovely days. Hurricane Aluminium Shutters were originally designed to protect windows and doors from storms and high winds without compromising the aesthetics of a space. Suitable for both homes and offices, these stylish shutters, made entirely from aluminium, are not only beautiful but are functional, durable, won’t rust, are easy to clean. 


The folding louvred Hurricane shutters will open up any space, letting the outside in, while controlling the light, noise and temperature of your room.

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