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Base Plus and Fold-Arm Awnings

Subtle, yet effective. Our Fold-Arm and Base Plus Awnings fully retract with the push of a button, allowing shade when needed, with now added wind resistance on the Base Plus Awnings.

Available in Manual or Automatic operation.

Aluminium Louver Awning Keens Kenmar 1.JPG


Fall-Arm awnings are designed to provide shade protection throughout the day by adjusting the pitch of the arm (from 0 to 180 degrees). Perfect for shading windows and patio areas, fall arms are both aesthetically pleasing whilst easy to operate.

Available in Manual or Automatic operation.

Aluminium Awning Keens Kenmar.jpg


Definitively classic, giving your home a well rounded exterior with year round sun protection.

Our Classic Awnings are available in Wood or Aluminium Structures. 

Material range consists of Acrylic Canvas, Shade Cloth or PVC.

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