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Roller, Venetian, Vertical, Woven or Drop Blinds - Keens Kenmar offers you freedom in design and functionality for all your window needs. Simple & Practical. Clear & defined. Versatile, on trend and cutting edge. Keens Kenmar values your views and your privacy from all factors. Let's revolutionise the way you think about blinds.

Roller Blinds

Roller Blind Keens Kenmar 1.JPG

Controlled lighting. Open views. Modern styles. Sleek design. Fashionable textures, colours and fabrics. The Roller Blind fabric collection includes classic cotton and linen look fabric textures that create a balanced and calming atmosphere as well as functional screens that are perfect for light management and heat control.







Smart Home Technology:

While you cannot influence the elements, at least make sure you can control them. Introducing innovative motorised blind systems from Keens Kenmar. Blinds so smart, you’ll expect them to serve your morning coffee.  

With the world moving forward, life should be easier, safer and more sustainable for everyone. With our new smart home technology from Somfy and Motion, it can be. Your roller blinds can now be motorised and automated to open and close at the click of a button, the pull of a cord, from the command of your voice, and even when you’re not home.

Zebra Blinds

Zebra Blinds.png

Create the light, view and privacy you like with our Zebra Double Roller Blinds. Thanks to the double-layer fabric of light filtering (transparent) and non-light-filtering (dim out) stripes, you can play with light and create a modern look for your home or office space.


The light filtering (transparent) stripes allow maximum light in and create a feeling of spaciousness, while the non-light-filtering (dim-out fabric) darkens the room providing you with more privacy.

Lock-Screens Blinds

Lockscreen Roller Blind Keens Kenmar.jpg

Lockscreen external roller blinds use a simple but effective zip system. The blind fabric has a special trim along the sides that zips securely into side channels that run down the frame of your exposed area, giving you absolute control over what enters your space and allowing your external blinds to be wind tight in all positions.

The Lockscreen external roller blind is recommended for the need to completely secure your blinds in place with the ultimate freedom to adjust to sun rays (UV), rain, light, wind or privacy. Lockscreen Blinds are custom-made in a variety of fabrics and colours and when created in a selected Block-Out fabric, they will also keep out all light for complete darkness and privacy. Lockscreen external roller blinds are offered with a manual or motorised solution

Keens Kenmar Roller Blinds George.jpeg

- Light Filtering fabrics are sheer and allow the maximum amount of light in. They create a decorative atmosphere and filter light in a soft, beautiful and natural way. There are different types of light filtering fabrics: transparent versions don’t have an acrylic coating whereas translucent fabrics do have acrylic coatings. Translucent fabrics are more sheerer.

- Screen fabrics allow in plenty of light, yet protect you from UV rays and glare. They are wonderful as energy saving blinds as they block harmful rays. They provide a great level of privacy during the day, however the opposite is true at night. Screens combine function and beauty: they are perfect for light management and have a decorative appeal. With their functional properties and architectural look and feel, screens are perfectly suitable for large windows.

- Dim Out blinds are 90% Block Out.  They impede the view from both inside and outside. Dim Out fabrics' beautifully filter the sunlight, while still creating a diffused light in the interior.  These blinds are often used in kitchens, living rooms and dining rooms.  Dim Out blinds let a small amount of light in.  The material is not too thick nor thin as there is only one solid coating layer on the back (versus Block Out which has three).

- Block-out, roller fabrics completely block out light (100%), which makes them perfect for the bedroom, boardroom or nursery room.  Select between various fabric finishes to compliment your décor; and your choice of PVC or PVC free fabric properties.


Sunworker Drop Blind - as viewed from ou

We manufacture our Drop-Blinds right here in George. Drop-Blinds are fully hand made ensuring the highest level of quality is maintained. Drop-binds are completely customisable for your individual needs. 






Drop-Blinds allows you to enclose outdoor areas for protection against rain, sun (UV) rays, wind and allows for privacy when needed. 

Venetian Blinds

Keens Kenmar 25mm Alu Venetian Blinds -

Now everyone can have a Venetian blind in their bedroom, living room or dining room. Keens Kenmar offers a variety of classic Venetian blinds for you to choose from ranging from Aluminium, Styro-wood, Bamboo and Wooden Venetian blinds.

Vertical Blinds

Keens Kenmar Vertical Blinds.jpeg

The simplicity of our Vertical blinds creates a chic and trendy window dressing and are especially popular in offices and contemporary homes.  Vertical Blinds are back in fashion for home décor too. They work with any size window or patio door – parting left, right or splitting evenly on either side – and their perfect straight lines allow you to control the light that enters a room, your privacy and your views.

They are easy to clean and offer excellent insulation against heat and cold. The washable fabric strips are available in widths of 90mm and 127mm and you have a variety of colours and textures to choose from including a total block out PVC option.

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