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Adjustable Aluminium Louver Awnings

Adjustable Aluminium Louver Awnings, a long term investment with immediate returns.

Clean lines, aesthetically pleasing, practical with low to ‘no’ maintenance, our Adjustable Aluminium Louver Awnings are the only way to go.  The 100% aluminium construction ensures no corrosive components, especially important in our coastal environments.  


The opening vanes allow for optimum sun control at your demand, be it in winter or summer. Our drip-tray systems allows these vanes to not only control sun exposure, but also the flow of water away to bring you a near watertight environment.

Keens Kenmar Aluminium Louver Awning Koekemakranka.jpg
Keens Kenmar Aluminium Louver Awning 1.jpg
Technical Specifications:

Section A-A Design

Section B-B Design

Awning Plan

Aluminium Louver Awning - Keens Kenmar Thesen.jpg
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